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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Hope You Have the Best Birthday - Friendly Hello Bundle

Hello and welcome to my blog for Simple Sunday!  This week I have a simple birthday card to share with you using stamps ink and paper.  This week I also used a punch out that I had on hand to use also.  This card also serves another purpose as well; if you stick around you will find out what that surprise is.  

So someone special that you hope they have the best birthday ever with this card using the Friendly Hello Bundle from Stampin' Up!.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday SIP (Stamps Ink Paper)Card 1/9/22 - Island Vibes

Hello and welcome to my blog; today is Sunday, and that means it's Simple Sunday.  Which if you are new here this is the day I share cards designed for beginner crafters using only Stamps, Ink, and Paper.  SIP cards (Stamps, Ink, and Paper) are a great way to learn how to create cards.  Stamps, Ink, and Paper are the basic tools you need to create cards.  So, I have designed this series to use those basic supplies.  Here's a look at this weeks card.  

Island Vibes SIP Card, for this weeks Simple Sunday Card using just stamps, ink and paper.

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