Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Simple Basic Coloring Technqiue & Introduction to Stampin' Blends

Stampin' Blends are Stampin' Up!'s new premier alcohol markers that will release on November 1, 2017.  The Stampin' Blends features dual tips one being a brush tip and the other a fine point tip; which will allow you to add just the right amount of color where you need it.  Each of the 12 colors come in a dark and light shade for easy coloring.  Also in the Stampin' Blends collection is a Bronze and a Ivory Marker which only come in those shades.  There is also a blender which is  a must have tool for fixing any little mishaps or to add a little extra highlighting.  Each of the light and dark shade markers are available individually or in a combo pack, which saves on replacement costs.  Stampin' Up! has done in-house testing for evaporation and life testing and are really happy with the results, so you can feel confident in their life cycle.  The markers also feature a Press fit seal to prevent air from entering the barrel and causing any evaporation.  The nestable lids make it easy to keep track of and have a tight fit for a long lasting color.  The squareish design helps your Stampin' Blends form rolling around on your work surface.


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