Monday, April 12, 2021

May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Batter Up! Subscribe today

 Hello and welcome to my blog; I am here today to share with you some of the details about the May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit entitled Batter Up!.  So step on up to the plate, take a swing, and knock it out of the park with the May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit.  To get this kit you have from April 11th till May 10th to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin.  

Baseball is a beloved theme and this kit will surely knock it out of the park with you and your loved ones.  With the May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit Batters Up!, it’s your turn to go up to bat for all the people who’ve gone to bat for you over the years. This month’s timeless kit with a “throwback” theme contains enough grand slam supplies to create nine cards.  Has coordinating envelopes and features a classic color theme.  It also has pinwheel and pinstripe patterns, and vintage-washed paper pieces (wait what?)  Did we just read that correctly; I know we did because Stampin' Up! told us so.  So, there’s no “batter” way to root, root, root for your home team and honor the all-stars in your life than by subscribing to the May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit.  

Image by Stampin' Up!

A beloved baseball-themed kit would be incomplete without this sport’s signature, sticky snack—the official bubble gum of the MLB! A favorite in the field, the Batter Up! Paper Pumpkin Kit contains a couple sticks of the chewy staple; chew while you craft, slide a piece into a card, or save it for later.

Send a seventh-inning stretch in a classic card with all-star stripes, a nostalgic nod, and a stamp set fit for an MVP! But, before you give it all you’ve got, give this month’s promotional video a watch. See what the Batter Up! kit is all about, then share the message with your friends, family, Play ball!

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