Friday, July 12, 2019

Bird Ballad Bronze Elite Advancement Card and Gift

Hello and welcome to my blog; today I am going to share with you the card that I made for my team members that advanced last month to Bronze Elite.  These ladies have worked really hard to advance in title to the next level with Stampin' Up! and I created a card for them and a little goody bag to reward them.  I actually had three team members to advance last month.  One did it the last day of the month so her little goody bag and card will be in the mail to her tomorrow.  Here's a look at what I sent them.

I made them this super cute card using the Bird Ballad Designer Series Paper and a goody bag of copper products.  Copper was as close as I could get to bronze, I hope they don't mind.  Each of my team member that advanced got a bolt of the copper ribbon, a sheet of Copper foil (cut down to 6 x 6 so I could get it in the mailer) and a couple of the new Copper Treat Bags.  Pretty nice little gift if I say so myself.  I am sure that these well deserving ladies will agree. 
Here's a little closer look at the card I sent them.  The sentiment came from the Delightful Day Stamp Set (on page 34 of the 2019 2020 Annual Catalog )  The Delightful Day Stamp Set is great for little treats to give to someone with it's sentiments geared toward treat packaging.  Plus the little images inside this stamp set is great to decorate your card or tags with because you can find one for anyone male or female.  I added a strip of copper foil to the card to tie in their advancement to bronze elite.  When some one with Stampin' Up! advances to bronze elite they not only advance in title but they get an extra 5% discount on their orders.   They go from just the normal 20% to 25% and believe me that extra little 5% can come in very handy.  And, that's not all when they advanced they got 5000 flex points plus twice a year as long as they maintain their title they will get an extra 1500 flex points.  For those wondering what the big deals with flex points are; well we use these towards, trips, and other free items.   You can't beat free stuff.

Have you been thinking about Joining:  

Have you been thinking about joining Stampin' Up! even to get the discount?  Well, its a great idea.  I joined just for the discount and quickly saw how I could make this into a business.  My business, that's one of the great things about Stampin' Up! you can run your business your way.  Plus you get great perks along the way, both from the company and your team leader.  My team or how I prefer to refer to them as my little stamping family get extras from me each month.  
  • I share all my class tutorials with them. 
  • They get my Creative Stampers Tutorial Bundle to use in their business as a class or to make the projects on their own.   
  • Monthly meetings online 
  • little gifts along the way
  • They get to join a private Facebook group with me where I share tips tricks and project ideas with them.  
They also get the perks from Stampin' Up! as well: 
  • 20-25% Discount on all their purchases
  • Quarterly Magazine packed full of project ideas and training
  • Weekly Emails with ideas
  • Chance to earn an Incentive Trip to great locations
  • One of the best things is we get to order new products a month before anyone else
  • Attended Stampin' Up! Demonstrator only Events 
  • Just to name a few.  
Now's even a better time to join my little stamping family, because Stampin' Up! is running a Extra Extra promotion where you get two extras for joining during July and August.  When you join during this time period you get a) an extra $30 of free products to add to your starter kit.  So instead of just the normal $!25 of products for $99 you can pick $155 in products for the $99. And the starter kit ships free.  Plus in your starter kit is a pack of business supplies that would normally cost about $50 and a trail Paper Pumpkin Box ($22 value) Already added to your starter kit with no extra cost to you.  So basically for $99 you are getting a Starter kit valued at about $227, not bad if you ask me.  Plus with the extra extra promotion you will get a $10 coupon code emailed to you to use the following month after you sign up.  So you can use that on your next order.  If your wish list is very long I am just going to say this is the way to go.  Take advantage of the Ultimate Deal in the Catalog (the starter kit).  If it's not for you that's fine you can go back to just being one of my awesome customers.  

The Starter kit is basically like a Sam's Club or Costco membership except you actually get something for shopping with Stampin' Up! where as with Costco and Sam's Club you get to shop without a discount.  I would love to have you in my little stampin' family and be able to send you little goody bags like this when you advance.  

  Join my Kinsmon Crafters Today!  

Or message me and we can set up a time to talk even more about this great deal.  You can get everything I used on these cards and in the goody bag in your starter kit and only pay the $99 plus tax.  Here's a list of all the supplies I used.  If you ordered these supplies just as a customer It would cost you around $177.55 just to order the supplies I used today.  

Thanks for dropping by today I hope that you have enjoyed the little look at my team gifts that I sent out, and that you will join my little Stampin' Family we would love to have you.  I have team members all over the United States so don't think you have to live close to me to join my team. 
Happy Stampin'


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