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Monday, August 19, 2019

Stampin' Up!'s Ride with Me Bundle

Image you're in a Hallmark movie and it's a snowy day and you are loading up the most lovely spruce that you found on the Christmas Tree Lot.  What's the one four wheeled load baring brightly colored in Christmas Red are you loading the tree up in?  If you said the farm house truck you would be correct.   How many of you have seen all the designs out there featuring the little red truck and the tree or pumpkins or well just about anything?  This image seems to be a quintessential element in any Farm house decor now a days and you can find these images everywhere.  And now you can find them on cards, home decor projects, and gift bags as well.  Today, I am going to share with you a few projects using the Ride with Me Bundle from Stampin' Up!, and no matter what color these little trucks are these are the things that I think of every time I see it.  Let's look at one of the projects from Stampin' Up! featuring this super cute bundle shall we.

Image by Stampin' Up! 

Even with this little truck being a different color it still makes me think of the Red Farmhouse truck out there everywhere now.  This little treat filled truck as it transports the little Stampin' Up! treat box to destinations unknown is super cute and would be perfect for a Birthday Party favor or just to deliver to someone as a little think you.  I love that the back of the truck reads I heart stampn that's just a super cute sentiment and touch to the back of any moving vehicle. 

The Ride With Me Bundle features the Ride with Me photopolymer Stamp Set that has 19 stamps to use to create the perfect little truck that could be used for so many different uses.  When paired with the Truck Ride Dies you can turn the flat stamped images into this fun little 3D truck in record time. 

With the Dies and the stamp set you can create the perfect project for any occasion you need.  For example the image above you can see make the perfect little party favor.  What else could you use this bundle for?  I can think of a ton of ways to use it.  This bundle has been on my list to get for awhile now but everytime I put in my next order I seem to forget to do so.  So I wanted to share this with you today just in case you're like me and keep forgetting to do just that.  There's so much wonderful things in the Annual catalog and so many great things coming in the Holiday catalog that it's hard to remember what to order. 
image by Stampin' Up! 
Here's a few more examples of the truck used to create some gift giving possibilities.  Notice the Little red one with the Christmas tree and the little peppermint candies tied up in it's nice little packaging.  Not to even mention the pumpkins and haystack treats in the back of the blue little truck.  I love how it was turned into a card in this image also with all the balloons blowing the the wind as it speeds down the road to that last minute celebration.  This is the perfect bundle for cards, and gifts for boys of any age.  
Thanks for dropping by today, for this quick little post about the Ride With Me Bundle.  You can pick up this cost saving bundle in my online store 24/7.  You can click on the image of the bundle and go to my online store, and add the Ride With me Bundle to your Shopping Cart today!  
Happy Stampin' 

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