Monday, October 5, 2020

What I've been Up to

 You may be wondering why you haven't seen a lot of card posts on my blog the last few weeks.  Well I have  been busy working on my studio.  I have been in the throws of cleaning and rearranging my space.  For some reason when I start to clean my studio I want to rearrange everything.  And when I want to rearrange I have to tear everything up and then build it back again.  

Here's one of the spaces that I worked on the last few weeks.  I had a BOGO Sale Online at the end of September and have had all my BOGO Retired Products sitting out on two folding tables since June.  I knew that I was going to do another one in September so I didn't want to drag it out and put it back up.  But I finally have it all put away until the next one in February.  
Once I got all the BOGO stuff put away I could start working on my desk.  And, this is where the I had to tear it all apart and rearrange everything.  So, I worked on cleaning everything while working on that I decided that I needed a more functional space.  So, that meant I sat down and figured out what areas I need.  One that when you have a studio space is to have a area for the things that you need.  For example when I sat down and made my list of areas, I needed a area for the following; Video Area, Photo Area, Desk Area, Cutting Area, and Die Cutting Area.  Having these areas will help me stay more organized and everything will stay in it's places.  I will be sharing photos and a walk through of the new space later this week.  
This is my Paper Storage area and for some reason it's always a place that seems to be a catch all.  It seems to be a place where things go to die LOL.  So, this was a major area that needs attention.  I will share pictures and some storage ideas as I mentioned later in the week so be watching for that post soon.  I just wanted to give you a heads up on what's been going on in my live.  I will talk to you soon unless this mess falls on my head and I am stuck underneath.  
Happy Stampin' 
Rick Adkins 


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