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A Little Bit of my Story and Becoming a Demonstrator

Becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator has many benefits, including discounted products, having your own business, and being part of the Stampin’ Up! demonstrator community.  These were all things I was looking for when I decided to take the leap and become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator almost five years ago.  Ever since I signed up I've never looked back. 

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I started out by doing Online and In person events and classes, as well as started working on a blog that I had for almost twelve years without touching it.  I never touched it because I really never had a reason to use it.  Do you have to have a blog to be a demonstrator?  No, I choose to start using my blog one reason was because I wanted to share my card and projects with everyone, not just my friends and family.  I also started a YouTube Channel, which I love doing each week.  I started out doing both in person and online because I didn't know anyone in my new little town, and I am not the most comfortable being around groups of people.  Well, in front of them behind the camera doing videos and on stage I am fine, I am the person at a party that would rather be in the corner looking and watching instead of being the center of attention.  A couple of years ago I made the decision to move everything online because of my little social anxiety issues. 
Being a demonstrator has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  It has changed my life.  I've gotten to travel to places that I never thought I would have.  I've been to Salt Lake City Utah for a Stampin' Up! Retreat where a select group of demonstrators from North America came together to share our stories and how we got started, about our lives had been impacted by Stampin' Up!.  Let's just say we all went through so many emotions that weekend that we became extremely close and I have friends that I will never forget and will forever be part of my life and my story. 
I also got to go the home office and even spent time with Sara and Shelli during that trip. 

After that I got to attended the 30th anniversary event in Orlando Fl last November, and had the time of my life.  I got to meet demonstrators that I follow on Social Media from across the world.  All because I joined as a demonstrator just for the discount.   I spent time with Kylie Bertussi and Sam Hammond among many many others. 

Not only have I gotten to meet all these wonderful people but I have also meet people that live closer to me that have forever changed my life. 
One thing that I can say is that Stampin' Up! is more than just stamps ink and paper, it's about being part of something so much more.  It's about being part of a very tiny little thing that will change your life forever.  It will give you confidence provide a income, provide life long friends, and create a new family that you all have something in common with.  You also are part of something so much more because you never know what sharing how to take a piece of cardstock and some ink and a little rubber stamp and share what they can do with others will give to someone else.  There's no other feeling when someone puts ink to paper for the first time.  They pull that little piece of rubber away and see the image that was kissed on the paper.  You see the most amazing look on their face when they do it for the first time thinking that they could never do anything creative.  Stampin' Up! is about sharing what you love with others.  And allows you to build relationships with others that you may not have anything else in common with. 
These are just a few of the things that Stampin' Up! has done for me, and it all started with paying $99 for the starter kit.  I never thought this one little action would change my life forever.  I can remember the feeling I had when that brown box came in.  Since that time I have been working by business and sharing what I love with others everyday.  I have a small team of like minded friends that have signed up and are part of my Kinsmon Crafters Team.  They are from all over the United States.  I just recently had a new team member sign up all the way from North Pole Alaska.  I think she's the furthest away.  All my lovely ladies are from other states then where I live, we have monthly meetings and trainings and spend time together on my private Facebook Team Group. 
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If you have been thinking about joining I would say do it!  It's the best thing you can do.  You can sign up and just enjoy the 20% discount or you can run it as a business and hold classes.  That's one of the great things about Stampin' Up! you can run it your way.  One of the best times to join is during Sale-A-Bration, when you get special perks that you won’t see any other time of year. Sign up between now and March 31, and you will not only receive your regular starter kit, but you will also get the mini paper cutter, 6 X 6 designer series paper sampler, and your choice of a stamp set*. What a great way to celebrate! SIGN UP TODAY!
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The current Starter kit special is for $99 you can pick $125 of current Stampin' Up! products plus you will get the super cute little trimmer above and the 6 x 6 Designer Series Paper Sampler and any stamp set of your choice with free shipping.  Also in the kit is a free Paper Pumpkin, and a business supply pack and some catalogs.  Depending on what you stamp set you pick; if it was me I would pick the Well Said Stamp set.  You are looking at a total value around $259 or so for only $99 with free shipping.  
In closing when you have been born with nothing, and raised that you will never really be anything other than what you are born into, then add on top of that being picked on your entire school history and made to feel less than you are and then you come to Stampin' Up! and you learn that you are way more than what you have always been told your life changes forever.  

Happy Stampin' 
Rick Adkins 


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