Thursday, November 21, 2019

Hand Painted Holly Card with Watercolor Pencils Video Tutorial

Hello and welcome to my blog; today I am gong to share with you the card that I made last night during my Facebook Live.  This card is also for my 25 Days of Christmas Holiday Card Series 2019.  I created this card using our two sets of watercolor pencils and some watercolor paper.  Here's a look at the card I created.

You may think that creating your own watercolor painting is hard? Or that you have no talent to draw or paint.  I am here to tell you that you couldn't be any further from the truth.  Creating your own hand drawn and painted watercolor holly card is as simple as knowing what shapes to break your image down into and how much pressure to use on your pencils.  The viewer's eyes will read the image as you have intended it to be.  That is one of the reasons you can create images by hand look as you intended.  The biggest thing you have to remember as I mentioned above is breaking images you want to draw down into the basic shapes that comprise the image.  By breaking each berry and leaf down into different shapes you see helps to make the drawing process easier.  
The berries on my card are basic circular shapes.  So by drawing them this way and coloring them in with both real red and cherry cobbler watercolor pencils allows the eye to read them as holly berries.  Our mind knows that holly leaves have spikes on them so they have a pointed end, by drawing them with this pointed triangular end our eyes read them as the actual holly leaf shape.  Drawing is all about putting what shapes you see down on the paper.  But, by adding the colors that our mind knows that these images are helps the viewers mind to read the drawn and painted images as holly leaves and berries.  By adding in the colors that make up the green hue of the holly leaves (blues and yellows) you are creating a move living green hue that will help the eye read as lights and shadows all depending on where you place these colors helping the eyes and mind to read each stroke of the pencil and aqua painter as the actual holly leaf.  
Watercolor pencils are a great medium to achieve the look of not only watercolors but will allow you to break down the image you are trying to create without any hard lines of a graphite pencil.  Watercolor pencils are way more forgiving, once the pencil marks are activated with water the lead becomes pigment that will flow with the water on the paper.  Another tip with using watercolor pencils is the amount of pressure you place on the pencil to the paper.  The heavier you press on the pencil the more pigment you are putting down which means the more pigment you are placing on the paper.  Which also means the darker the color will appear.  If you want a lighter color chock back on the pencil so you have less pressure on it.  Then when you add your water you will have a lighter value of color, because you have less pigment that has been applied to the paper.  
By putting all these little tips together you can create any image that you would like.  Painting and drawing is all about breaking things down to basic shapes, knowing how much pigment to place on the paper, what colors to add together to create different hues and values, and remembering that when something is laying on top of another there is always a shadow and highlight.  These little rules if you remember them will change your painting forever.  

Video Tutorial: 

If you are viewing this post by email you my have to click here or on the image below to view the video.  Not all mail servers will play the embedded video.  
Thanks for dropping by today I hope that you have found my little tips and tricks helpful when you sit down to create your own watercolor painted holly card.  If you haven't tried watercolor pencils yet I would encourage you to do so.  They are a wonderful coloring media that can be used in so many different ways.  
Happy Stampin' 
Rick Adkins 

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  1. LOVE the holly! I could not open the video. Is there another way you can publish so it will open for me? Email? PM on Facebook? thanks

    1. I had forgotten to add the link to the video until your comment it's all fixed now. But, just FYI all my videos are also on my Youtube Channel that you can find by search

  2. Rick, what a beautiful card. You make it look easy. I intend to try this but I'm guessing it will be harder than it looks. Love yours though :)

    1. Thanks, it really is as easy as it looks if you break it down

  3. Rick,this card is stunning! I would definitely frame that front panel if I could recreate it. You coloring is so beautiful!


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