Thursday, May 30, 2019

Rick's 2019 - 2020 Annual Catalog NEW Ribbon Share

I have decided to do a ribbon share again this year, and today I am announcing it. Below you will find the details! 

Shares are a great way to get a lot of new products to try in smaller proportions and at a smaller cost.  This is why I do ribbon and paper shares for you.  I like to be able to save you guys as much as possible.  I am not going to lie these are a lot of work, and I usually have to hire a friend or family to help me get them all together with all the cutting and packaging it takes a few days and lots of hours to pull these off for you.  But, its totally worth it to me to help you save a little money on these items. 

Here's what's included in this years ribbon share.

Ribbon Share:
Cost:   $29.00 plus $8.00 shipping
  • Magnolia Lane Ribbon Combo Pack 
    • 1 yard Mossy Meadow Linen Thread 
    • 1  yard Linen Ribbon
  • Mint Macaron 1/4" Textile Ribbon (2 Yards) 
  • Very Vanilla 3/8" Scalloped Lace Trim (2 Yards) 
  • Petal Pink 5/8" Organdy Stripped Ribbon (2 Yards) 
  • Sahara Sand 5/8" Woven Thread Trim (1 Yard) 
  • Rococo Rose 1/2" Gathered Ribbon (2 yards) 
  • Old Olive/Petal Peacock 3/8" Reversible Ribbon (2 yards)
  • Pretty Peacock Scalloped Linen Ribbon (2 Yards)
  • Purple Posy  Scalloped Linen Ribbon (2 Yards) 
  • Rococo Rose Scalloped Linen Ribbon (2 yards)
  • Seaside Spray Scalloped Linen Ribbon (2 Yards)
  • Terracotta Tile Scalloped Linen Ribbon (2 Yards) 
  • Denim Ribbon 3/8" (2 yards)
  • Crinkled Seam Binding 3/8" (2 yards) 
  • 3/8" Tricolor Ribbon (2 Yards) 
That's 29 yards of Brand NEW different ribbon to try for only $29.00.  Which is about a fourth of what it would cost to order all the these ribbons at one time. I break my ribbon shares into groups of fives so the first five people that sign up are group one, then the next five will be group two so on and so fourth.  Just to know that I will not order group 1 shares until it is completely full same thing with each group.  Each group has to be full before I will order everything.
Due to Stampin' Up! policy I can not have all the supplies on hand and have to order them once everyone has signed up and paid.  So it usually takes about a week after I order for me to get everything back to me then cut it and repackage it to get it ready to send out to you, sometimes this may take a little longer or less all depending.

  Depending on if there are back orders (hopefully not but you never know with how popular our new products have been)
  • May 28 - June 3 Sign Up
  • June 3 - All invoices must be paid
  • June 4- Rick will order all the ribbons for the shares that are full
    • if your share isn't full I will email you with a update
  • June 14 - I should receive the order 
  • June 15 - 18 I will cut and repackage 
  • June 20 - 22 I will start mailing out the ribbon shares

Sign Up Today! 

Email me for the registration link!  


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