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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Eden's Garden Collection Available Now! Plus A Special Offer!

Hello and welcome to my blog; today I wanted to let you know and remind you that the beautiful products from the Eden's Garden Collection have gone live!  I shared a video last week introducing you to the products and showcasing them.  I will link that video below if you missed it.  

The Limited Time Release Products Eden's Garden Collection is now available plus an ordering special from Rick

The tale of the Garden of Eden transcends the boundaries of a single belief system. Numerous accounts and adaptations of Eden’s events have appeared in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, legends and lore, ancient mythology, and more! No matter how the story is shared, the essence of Eden remains the same: it’s a place of paradise. Filled with fruitful and flourishing foliage, stillness and serenity, and an air of mystery, Eden is an ethereal utopia!