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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Our Christmas Decor 2019 at the Westmoreland House c1917

Hello and welcome to my blog; today I am going to share with you pictures of this years Christmas Decorations at our home.  We had a few people over last Friday night from our church to celebrate Christmas.  Charles loves Christmas and decorating and well all things Christmas.  He used to have a complete storage unit that was packed from top to bottom of Christmas decorations.  So this is his holiday.  So each year we decorate and have a few friends over.  Our home was built in 1917 by the Westmoreland Family hence the name.   I know this is not a card or paper crafting project post presay.  But, we did do a try this year with handmade ornaments or ornaments that looked handmade.  I had mentioned this in a video and people wanted to know if I would be sharing pictures this year.  So this is my post for today!   Let's get started on the picture tour shall we.

Living Room: 

We are going to start as soon as you walk into the house.  So we are going to start with the Living Room.  

Victorian Room/Parlor:

This is Charles' Room.  It stays this way most of the year well minus the Christmas Decor.  This has most of his antiques in it.  And a lot of his mother's dolls that she had collected.  Which by the way I find creepy.  I am just waiting on one to come to life and grab me.  Okay maybe I watch to many horror movies, but you never know.  

Dinning Room: 


Between the dinning room and the kitchen is where we placed the new tree this year.  This is the tree that I mentioned with the handmade or handmade looking ornaments on.  Charles loves to knit and we found these beautiful knitted looking ornaments.  On this tree is a garland that I made and on the garland after his mom passed we placed all her gloves on it to add a touch of her to the holidays each year.  

The End: 

I wanted take the time to wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday today!  I also wanted to take this time to thank each and everyone of your for following me on my blog, and social media this year!  And, for being loyal fans and customers.  I love you all!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS from myself and Charles!