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Thank You & FAQ

Q:  When will my packages arrive each month?  
A:  If you started your subscription by the 20th of the month, then your kit will ship that same month approximately by the 26th of the month.  If that will be different, I will send you an email.  We send them priority mail, so they should arrive 2-3 days after they leave my studio.

Q:  How will I pay each month?  
A:  I run all payments through a recurring payment from PayPal.  Therefore, you will be charged each month at the same time with the payment that you have on file with PayPal.  Or a credit card that you chose when you registered.  

Q:  How do I find the directions to make the cards? 
A:  Each month on the day I ship them I will also email you the document to copy the cards  Be sure to save them in case you don't plan on making them right away.  If your package arrives you can check your email for directions or email me right away to send them to you if they are not in your inbox.

Q:  What if I don't own the stamp set or bundle that you are featuring each month?  
A:  You can always substitute with one that you own and make slight changes.  Or I will email you the first week of the month letting you know what the featured stamp set/bundle will be and you are welcome to add it on to your kit at a 19% discount!  We will send you a PayPal invoice to pay before the 20th.  

Q:  How do I redeem my $15 in FREE product bonus?  
A:  Whenever you reach your 6th month I will email you to find out what you would like for your $15 for free.  It will be included in that month's package.  

Q:  How do I cancel my subscription.  (What? I am sure you'll never what to do that!) 
A:  You are in complete control of your PayPal payments, and you can cancel anytime in your PayPal account.   

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