Rick's Adhesive Bundle

  What's the worst thing that can happen to a crafter while they are crafting?  Picture this..."You are in the middle of a project and you are in the grove and all of a sudden you come to the end of your adhesive!"  Oh Crap! What in the heck do you do run to the store and get some subpar adhesive and hope that it holds and not fall apart after you give that perfect project or gift to that special friend.  Which we all know that if you run to some big box store you not getting out of there within a reasonable time frame and your are not coming out without spending way more money than you intended.  You could order it from your friendly neighborhood Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Rick but it want make it in time to get your project out! 

Well, as your friendly neighborhood Stampin' Up! Demonstrator I have a solution for you with this week's ordering special!  

You can order my Adhesive Bundle this week to stay stocked up on your favorite adhesives.  There's nothing worse then running out of your favorite adhesives in the middle of a project.  Well, maybe pulling your hair out because you forgot to order adhesive on your last order.  But I have you covered with My Adhesive Bundle!  So, no need to start pulling your hair out or cussing up a storm because you forgot to get it.  My Adhesive Bundle contains all the adhesives you will need in the month.  With the Holidays coming up we use more of our favorite adhesives than normal:  So, this is a great way for you to stock up.  And it even comes tied with a bow and cute little tag, which makes it perfect for gifts as well.  

Included in each of the Bundles are the following adhesives:
  • Stampin' Seal
  • Stampin' Seal Refill
  • Stampin' Dimensionals
  • Mini Glue Dots
  • Multipurpose Liquid Glue
Order my Adhesive Bundle for only $41.00 which includes all shipping and taxes, and the piece of mind knowing that you are not going to run out of adhesive this month.  Plus, you get to keep all your hair and sanity!!!  

Click here to order yours today! 
What do you think, do you want to maintain order in your life and keep your hair!  


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